Glazed Doughnut Day

January 12th: National Glazed Doughnut Day

Americans eat over 10 billion doughnuts a year. There are now hundreds of toppings that different shops add to their doughnuts. From chocolate to bacon, there is something for everyone. But today is the day that we celebrate glazed doughnuts. Original glazed doughnuts are still the most popular kind of doughnuts in the country.

How I’m celebrating

Unfortunately doughnuts are something that I cannot eat since they have gluten in them. I figured that since I couldn’t celebrate today’s holiday that I could get a dozen glazed doughnut to take to work today. I stopped by Krispy Kreme on my way to work and the famous hot doughnuts now sign was on. Hopefully my friends at work enjoyed today’s national holiday!


Author: Emily Hamby

My name is Emily Hamby. I’m a wife and dog mom living in Knoxville, Tennessee. For 2018 I am celebrating one National Holiday every day of the year. I decided to start this journey because I believe that there are moments every day that are worth celebrating. Choosing a holiday every day is a great way to create memories this year.

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